House Rules

  1. Deodar Manor is strictly a non-smoking property , if you are a smoker then please step outside the gates of the property to do so.
  2. As adults, you may bring your own alcohol and can consume it on property , however, we do not serve alcohol. Should we feel that you are causing disturbance to others in an inebriated/ intoxicated state or causing any damage to property , you will be evicted from the property.
  3. Drivers / Chauffeur / Maids / Servants are not given any facilities or accommodation in the property. We can assist in finding nearby accommodations

Deodar Manor

Gurbachan Orchard Estate
VPO Khajjiar Distt Chamba, Himachal Pradesh.
Sardar Hanut Singh Bal
M: +91 09805472310